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There seems to be a bit of a revolution in the book world happening at the moment.  Lots of people, retailers, especially the smaller outlets are struggling with the giant that is Amazon and many local book shops are going out of business because they simply can’t compete with the US giant.

Welsh Book Shop
Support local bookshops and small independent book sellers.

It’s a tricky one really, because Amazon does provide a great platform and allows small indie writers to compete with the bigger traditionally published names.  On the other hand it is still very difficult to rise to the top, no matter how good your books or writing are.  On the downside Amazon squeezes every drop of profit out of shops and smaller businesses.

We use links to Amazon on this website in order to generate sales for our great Welsh authors, plus a small commission to help us pay for the site but we have also setup a local online bookshop to showcase the best of Welsh writers there too.

So if you don’t want to shop on Amazon, why not visit our shop and give a little back to smaller indie book shops!


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