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Interested in Welsh literature or Welsh writers in the English language? Want to read more about Wales and the Welsh? Here are some links to books with a distinctly Welsh connection that you might find are worth a read. To buy any of these book just click on the links below:

Welsh poets

Books to buy - Dave Lewis crime thriller trilogy

Welsh flavour

More book related stuff

If there are any books / writers you think we should add to this list please let us know.


  1. Very useful lists – we need more of the kind, more promotion of Welsh writers, more information altogether. We`re not just a minor branch of the literature of England but a literature of our own. Why have I only now discovered Welshpoetry ?

  2. I’m a writer living in Florida and have Welsh connections. Are these books a good example of the kind of literature coming out of Wales right now? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Carol-Ann

      I’d say yes! These are real writers with a heart and a soul, not the shallow pretenders we often find milking the system for grants and bursaries, then producing nothing of value afterwards.

      Cheers Dave

  3. Nice collection of ‘Welsh flavour’ books. Nice to see you’ve not included too many of the usual suspects from the Academi.

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