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Anthologies - The Third One

‘The Third One’ is our latest compilation and comprises all the winners from the last five years of the contest, 2017-2021. 

This third anthology not only cements our position as the biggest and best poetry competition in Wales but also proves there is a viable outlet for talented poets here as well.  A place for writers to be acclaimed on merit and not because of some connection to certain establishment figures or prejudice.

With thousands of entries from forty countries in the world we are firmly established on the global literary scene and each year we publish some of the best modern poetry there is.

After fifteen years of running the contest not only are we here to stay but we look forward with confidence to the next five years and yet more awesome poetry heading our judges’ way.

The book also includes the judges’ comments.  ‘The Third One’ is a beautiful collection of fabulous poetry to delight any serious reader.

Dave Lewis

Anthologies - Ten Years On

Ten Years On’ is our second poetry anthology and contains almost 100 of the winning poems from the last five years of the annual, international Welsh Poetry Competition.

‘Ten Years On’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the international Welsh Poetry Competition between 2012-2016. A diverse look at the world we inhabit – alive, energetic, melodic, unrepentant and moving. This anthology is for all poets who truly feel. For the brave, the exuberant, the feisty, the outrageous and the rule breakers. A chance to revel in the moment and not be afraid.

After 10 successful years and nearly 5,000 entries from all over the world the competition is now firmly established on the international literary calendar. This collection contains some formidable poetry, written by established poets as well as many new voices, all of whom were fearless enough to push back the boundaries.

The book also includes the judges’ comments. ‘Ten Years On’ is a beautiful collection of bright, modern poetry – enjoy!

Dave Lewis

Anthologies - The First Five YearsThe First Five Years’ is a celebration of the best poetry submitted to the annual Welsh Poetry Competition in its opening years (2007-2011).

A distinct yet varied expression of the world we inhabit. Experimental, vibrant, musical, shocking, unapologetic. This anthology is as much for the unseen writers as it is for the commemorated. All art is opinion and all rules are meant to be broken. So if we have pushed a little further back the conventional and the humdrum, if we have shook up the establishment a little and injected life back into one of the greatest art forms available to mankind then we stand guilty as charged. That was indeed our intention.

This collection of over 100 poems contains some fearsome poetry. Of that there is no doubt. And the reason, I would venture, is that the poets contained herein were not afraid to say what they wanted for fear of failure or ridicule by those out of touch with true avant-garde literature. And so, this anthology, like the competition, is for the real artists, both within Wales and beyond.

So grab a copy, sit back and enjoy. ‘The First Five Years’ is just that. The beginning. And yes, there is much more to come, so watch this space.

Dave Lewis

A big thanks to all poets who’ve entered, won a prize and gave permission for their work to be published by us in our anthologies. A huge thanks also to our great judges – John Evans, Mike Jenkins, Sally Spedding, Kathy Miles and Eloise Williams without whom none of this would be possible.

And please pass this page on to as many people as you can. The more people who know about us the bigger and better we can become.

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‘I received a free copy of this excellent anthology as one of my poems is included in it. This was a pleasant surprise as the anthology is very well-produced with a lovely, original cover design, and the poems are set out well making it a pleasure to read. The quality of the poems is very high, and I felt privileged and honoured to have my own work included among such a plethora of brilliant poems. The additional elements such as judge’s comments add to the appeal of the collection. Overall, this is a well-produced, highly readable, stimulating and interesting anthology and I highly recommend it.’ – Ms Louise Wilford

‘Poems on a global scale. Poems that are beautiful and readable and understandable. All themes are here. Various styles and forms. A book to enjoy at nightfall or before breakfast one poem at a time. And add something to your experience of the day. I would encourage addicts of poetry or those who are scared of poetry or are suspicious of it to try this book.’ – Ms G. Williams

‘Ten Years On. What a wonderful collection of poetry. There was an eclectic mixture of poems, some funny, some serious, but all inspiring. This anthology was written after 10 successful years of the International Welsh Poetry Competition, which receives entries from all over the world. I particularly liked being able to read the judges comments on the poems.’ – nebul7

‘Five years of poems from the competition – really interesting, and varying according to the judges’ particular tastes. Buy it, poets, and enter next year’s competition!’ – GL

‘Fantastic collection of poetry including all winners and specially commended entries from the Welsh Poetry Competition from 2012 to 2016. Huge variety of styles and subject matter, something to please all poetry lovers. I particularly like how the judge’s remarks are including for each winning poem; it’s nice to get that insight alongside. Unless I miscounted, there are 99 poems in the collection, which is a huge amount of talent for this price.’ – Alex & Odessa

‘On opening the book I was impressed by the broad selection of poems and poets on display and by the list of notable names who have contributed: Roger Elkin, Graham Burchell, James Knox Whittet, Pat Borthwick, Terry Jones and Fatima Al Matar, to name but a few. It really is an impressive collection of poems.’ – Jay Doubleu

“An intellectual says a simple thing in a hard way. An artist says a hard thing in a simple way.” ~ Charles Bukowski

The opening quote of poetry anthology:
The First Five Years
Edited by Dave Lewis

‘An apt quote for this accessible poetry collection, brimming with hard topics, simply expressed by seemingly, unpretentious artists ~ this is poetry with heart; poetry with a pulse, poetry for people who don’t like poetry, “poetry for the common man” and “not for the faint hearted” indeed. So many unique voices and styles, sharing their take on modern social mores ~ the first five years may be behind us, yet this will never date; it’s all about the joy and despair of the human condition ~ so universal it reads to me, like a Greek Tragedy, for our times, yet so gutsy it’s uplifting!’ – S. Evans

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  1. Hello. I am considering entering your poetry competition. Is there a possibility of me paying by cheque as I’m not comfortable with using cards over the net. Thankyou Valerie.

  2. Great idea to produce an anthology of the winners. Some great poems in here and some fine writers. Can’t wait for the second one.

    • Saludos: having trouble: find a link were I am able to read: one or two: of the winning poems. By any chance can you share it. And, if, a purchase is in fact necessary: pardon: and please disregard: and thank you for all you do for the Arts: for poetry: for country: and for: a people’s: place: sense of worth and identity.

      • Hi
        I publish the winners online after the results are out and they stay there for a few months. Then they appear in the anthologies, which are fab and contain 100 winning poems in each one 🙂
        Thanks for your kind words.

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