Africa Poems – Selected Works

Welsh writer Dave Lewis has just launched his 11th poetry collection, an anthology of the ‘Africa-themed’ poems that have appeared in all his previous collections.  In addition to the poetry there is one short story, a number of African quotes and a small number of black and white photographs / artwork that illustrate the book, add atmosphere and some context.

For almost fifty years Welsh writer Dave Lewis has been fascinated with Africa; the land, the people and its wildlife.

A self-confessed lover of all things African, Lewis takes us on a safari without us having to endure the hassle of Heathrow!  His colourful, enriching and often moving poetry is interspersed with original black and white artworks adapted from his own photography.  A number of African proverbs complete the package and add a subtle bridge between the transient Welshman looking in and the second largest continent smiling back.

There is some real kick-ass poetry in this anthology that leaps off the page and thumps you in the chest.  Subjects touched upon include the death of a schoolteacher, the Atlantic slave trade, anti-poaching, Kenya’s street children and the beauty and fragility of the natural world.

One of the UK’s finest poets, Brian Patten, has said of Lewis’s work: “The poems are sharp, clear, and confident. He has a clarity only a real poet possesses.”  Award-winning poets, Kathy Miles and David J Costello have also praised the Cilfynydd man, with local legend Catrin Collier describing him as: “A mature and master poet.”

Dave Lewis also runs the International Welsh Poetry Competition (the biggest poetry contest in Wales), the Poetry Book Awards, the Writers of Wales database and publishing company Publish & Print.

The book is available in paperback and e-book.  To buy his latest collection or just find our more about the author’s work visit his website –

Praise for Lewis’s work:

“Wide-ranging poetry that covers love, landscape and nature.  Tender moments, rich, colourful insights and snapshots of a particular time and place jostle with the political and social.  A spiritual take on the charisma of Africa by a passionate Welshman whose love for the continent is without question.” – Andrew Davies


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