Covid-19 and 2020 Contest

As most of the world is aware we have had to deal with Covid-19 these last few months. In fact, through all of the timeframe of this year’s competition.

Rest assured though we are still here (and unlike some organisations with millions of pounds worth of budgets) life carries on pretty much as normal.  I’m at my desk beavering away on various projects and hopefully there won’t be too many complications from this pesky little virus.

We kicked off the contest around 1st February (about a month after Covid-19 really came to the UK) but for reasons known only to those entering we had the vast majority of poems (about 300) sent in on the final day!  Not sure what that’s all about?  Perhaps I’m missing something but as poems come in they are printed off and put at the bottom of the pile before I hand them all over to the judge.  Personally I’d rather be on the top of the pile and so always send my own entries in to other contests as early as I can.  Ah well, each to his/her own.

Due to Covid-19 I have a few other (family) responsibilities and therefore I may be a week or two before I acknowledge your entry if you are entering online.  Please forgive the delay for as most of you know it’s only me doing this 🙂  I’m also waiting for some printer ink to be delivered which is a pain but fingers crossed that will arrive this week and I can resume printing off your fab poems and acknowledge receipt.

Our judge Sally is eagerly awaiting the three or four folders worth of entries I shall be leaving on her doorstep, before ringing the doorbell, stepping away to the required 2m distance, waving a quick hello and goodbye before heading back home to sunny Pontypridd.

I hope to get the poems to our judge by middle of June and we hope to announce the results in early August.

Exact date to be confirmed.

In the meantime keep safe and enjoy the sunshine.  Vitamin D is good for the mood remember 🙂

Thanks Dave



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