All winners of the current competition will be announced on this page with links to all previous competition winners and specially commended entries.

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The 2014 Competition

1st Prize – The Pain Game by Kathy Miles

2nd Prize – albatross by Robert Marsland

3rd Prize – Remembrance: All Hallows by Eluned Rees

Kathy Miles reading her winning poem
   Photograph by Dave Lewis, 2014

 Specially Commended:

4th    hither by Gerry Childs
5th    Journey To The Sheep / Part Two by Jane Fox
6th    Bertie Dachshund by Silvia Millward
7th    Tobias Schimdt Changes Key by Sally Spedding
8th    Tolkien WW1 Thomas by Paul Hawkes
9th    Confessional by Rhys Trimble
10th  The law of talons by James Walton
11th  In Yoshino by Timothy Russell
12th  I have not photographed by Gareth Davies
13th  Ffestiniography by John Lonsdale
14th  Pharming today by Lynn Roberts
15th  Berkeley Supermarket by Alex Irish
16th  The Beginning by Natalie Holborow
17th  The Arborist by Ellena Deeley
18th  Estate of Mind by Sion Tomos Owen
19th  Questions by Tom Gatehouse
20th  You need to know by Eloise Williams

Special mention:
A Rivers Story by Matilda Shannon (aged 11)

Eluned Rees reading her 3rd placed poem, 2014
   Photograph by Dave Lewis, 2014

Results were announced on this web site, our Facebook Group group and on Twitter on Wednesday 23rd July, 2014. We have also informed Literature Wales, Pontypridd Observer and associated district newspapers, SW Echo, the Western Mail, BBC Wales and RCTCBC as well as many, many organisations on our mailing list. Thanks to John Evans for judging this years competition, and thanks also to all those who entered and look forward to reading your work next year.

Judges' comment:

The Pain Game by Kathy Miles

to follow...

albatross by Robert Marsland

to follow...

Remembrance: All Hallows by Eluned Rees

to follow...

John Evans, July 2014

The winners of the first five years of our competitions can be found in our anthology. Why not purchase a copy of 'The First Five Years' available direct from us or from Amazon and other good book stores.

Past Winners

Some of the winners from our very first competition way back in 2007
  Photograph by Andrew Davies, 2007

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