We are delighted that Welsh writer and poet John Evans judged the 2014 competition.

John Evans is one of Wales' most uncompromising and original contemporary artists and writers. He started his career as a singer/songwriter signed to the Situation 2 arm of Beggars Banquet Records and sang lead vocals for The Tax Exiles. For more than ten years he has worked as a full-time writer and filmmaker and has become the leading figure in the New Wave of Welsh writing. His work has been described variously as post-punk, post-modern and even 'impossible to categorise'.

John Evans
   Photograph by Dave Lewis

The interest and acclaim for Evans' work has spread throughout the U.K. and beyond. Best-selling author Iain Sinclair describes him as 'a hot and necessary item in an evidently grim landscape', while others see him as 'the authentic voice of the street - the death rattle of post-industrial Britain'. His work has also been compared to writers like Kathy Acker, William Burroughs, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Henry Rollins, Irvine Welsh, and bands like Pere Ubu, Joy Division and the Manic Street Preachers.

John has published a number of books - Giants, G.B.H., Industria, How Real Is My Valley?, The Red Kite in Wales, two collections of poetry - Out and Less and has also been editor of a number of books including: Black Harvest - Contemporary poetry from the South Wales Valleys, Out of the Coalhouse - New Writing from the South Wales Valleys, and Mogg Williams - Selected Works.

During 2004, in a public poll to find the "greatest Welsh men and women of all time", John Evans was voted at number 27 out of a list of 100 names also nominated by the public.

His long awaited book, The Acid Real, is a collection of poetry, prose and essays inspired by the landscape of south Wales and a journey through modern Wales many of us are too afraid to embark upon for fear of what we might find.

At the moment John is heavily involved with Save the Badger who are campaigning against the killing of badgers in Wales by the Welsh Assembly Government.

After spending many years filming Goshawks in the south Wales area he recently released a poetry book, Goshawk, to accompany his film of the birds, which has been described as 'a spiritual odyssey, a spell and incantation - the writer invoking the spirit of the bird and landscape'.

To visit John's website click here.

: Unlike some competitions where the judge never gets to see your hard work our judges read every single poem submitted. We do NOT use any filter judges.

The poems will be judged anonymously to ensure a fair competition and unbiased result and winners will be announced on our website here as well as in the local and national press.

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